Monday, March 16, 2009

Fat Grubb!!

Just wanted to post a few new picks of the little grub. We`re finally starting to turn a corner with his collic-e-ness. (if that`s a word)He has been sleeping better at night and has even taken a 2 hour nap today! He is getting so big. He`s now wearing 18-24 months clothing!

His expressions remind me so much of Wade, it`s like having a little Wade to cuddle up to when my big Wade is gone.

God is so goood and sometimes I can`t understand why He has blessed me so much? I`m no one special and so very far from deserving. I am reminded of His Grace each time I look into the face of that sweet fat grub, or when I see Gabe or `Tilda trying to soothe him, or the girls helping the little ones,without even being asked, to play a game, practice writing their names, the list is endless.

I am so thankful for my family and the fact that I am able to be home with them, and watch them grow and learn, together each day. God is Good!