Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, school has started back again for us, and as we kick off another year of our home studies, I am reminded of just how blessed we are. God has been so amazingly Loving to us. He has such nice, tiny ways of showing me His love for me, if I am willing to take the time to look.

Each morning we start our day off with breakfast, and as we sit together, we bible study and have a science discussion. Right now we are studying the days of creation, and later on in the year we will break it down and study, in order of the days of creation, the things God has made, but the most wonderful thing is actually being so close to the things our Father has made. We are always watching some bird or bug or spider. It is such a blessing to see the kids faces as they bring me some little creature to check out.

We have quite a few spiders around right now, and it has been wonderful to sit in the evenings and watch them make their webs. Every night they make these amazingly intricate webs. If you have not taken the time to watch a spider make it`s web, I urge you to do so. It is an admirable effort that takes place night after night and the result is beautiful.

God is so Good, if you take the time to see Him in His creations, you will be amazed. I pray that each of you will take a little time from your busy lives to honor Him with your attention. Blessings to you all-K

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a few more pics


Over due post!

Hello All,

We have so much to tell. I will try to keep it as brief as I can. We just happen to be at the library today and I finally found our long lost USB cord, to the camera, so here we are.

The Lord has been doing great things in our lives. As I`m sure most of you know now, that we are expecting baby #5! in Feb. I feel great, the best I`ve ever felt while pregers, actually. Which has been a wonderful blessing. I have felt the baby move several times, and am enjoying being a part of God`s blessing of creation.

There are so many other small things God has done for us. Wade will be starting a new route at work in the next few weeks, which will allow him to be home much more, including Sundays. Which will open up more time for us to find a good church family. That is a real answer to prayer.

All of our neighbors have been so kind to us. A couple down the road has homesteaded and has taken us under their wing, which is so nice. They don`t think we`re crazy or weird. It has been sad to see that often our non-christian friends are much more Christ like than our christian friends, but such is the world, you know?

These pics are just a few I`ve been saving for the blog. There are some of an old water mill run by a spring, FREEZING WATER. Others are just from around the cabin.

The hardest part for me to adjust to is the unhealthy lifestyle of the people. EVERYONE smokes, and most are Very over weight. As most of you know, I love to bake and make most of our meals from scratch, but as of right now we have not been able to make the earthen oven I had hoped to get to before now, so it has been hard to adjust to that, but I Love cooking on an open fire,(we do have a cook top stove, but I don`t prefer it). It gives the food such a nice flavor.

Now I will go through a few of the happenings, quickly. Layla hurt her finger in a freak accident, with a shaving razor. Matilda fell off the porch, but is fine, then a few days later while holding her, I fell down the stairs, we are both fine. The neighbors were very kind and built us a railing on the porch and stairs. We had a mouse problem in the vehicles, got a few kittens, but we ended up having to poision them(the mice), instead.

The kids start school next week. We have been pretty busy just trying to get a few projects done when it`s not too hot. This week has been a welcome break from the heat. ( sorry for all the run-on sentences, trying to get it all in before my session on the PC is up).

OK I think that`s all I can think of at this point. Hope you all are doing well. We love you and think and pray for each of you daily.-K

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, the cabin is here. We hit a few snags, but we worked it all out. The cabin is not at the top of the hill like we planned. The driver said he couldn`t get it into the place we had cleared, so we ended up putting it at the very bottom of the property, on the old homestead drive. It`s very close to the road, which we are not exactly thrilled about, but it`s not too bad.

We spent the night in it, and being from Texas, we assumed it would be as warm at night as it was during the day. BIG mistake. We were quite chilly, even though we brought lots of blankets and such. Lesson learned, but I did cook my first open fire meal. I copied Jared and made breakfast burritos.

We also made our first bucket "donations". It really was not all that bad.

OK, that`s all for now, we`re scheduled to be in the cabin full time by the 30th, so I may not be posting as often after that, but will try to post at least once a week, probably at the library. Love you all and thanks for your prayers and support of our dreams.-K

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yesterday we finally went out to the land and got it ready for the cabin. Wade had to cut down a couple of small Oaks. It was quite a job. One of the neighbors, from up the road, was very kind and brought up his backhoe to help with the clearing and knocked down a couple of trees for us. It was a great day.

We finally got to meet the family right next to us. We have been e-mailing back and forth for several weeks now. They homeschool their two kiddos,as well.They are very nice people.We also took the opportunity to do a little shooting.

The cabin is being delivered today at around 5pm and we are planning to spend the night in it.So we`ll have lots more pics to put up when we get back. We are so excited! Hope you all have a great day-K

Friday, May 16, 2008

Awesome Day!

Today was a beautiful day, so we went to the wild life conservation center. We saw so much wild life, it was really amazing. There were deer that were so close to us, we could almost touch them. Hagen found a baby turtle trying to get to the water so we took a minute to check it out closely before putting him back in the water. We just walked along the path, no fences between us and the animals. God really is such a wonderful Creator. The pictures do not do it justice, but we hope you enjoy them. I took several, so I may have to put them in 2 posts. Blessings-K

Neighborly Love?

No love from our neighbor. This guy has no love for anyone. Not only does he cut his grass in his under ware, he refuses to cut under the trees on his side of the property line. This also happens to be the same neighbor who comes outside and stares at the kids anytime they are making even a little noise. We`ve tried being nice to him, saying "hello" and what not, but he and his wife both just turn their heads. My point to all this, is please be praying for this couple. They obviously have some VERY hard hearts. I wonder what could have happened to them to make them this way. So sad-K